Green Blend Development Secret Story ⓶

In the spring of 2021, we started a mature experiment of green coffee (raw beans).

The internal enzyme of the ingredients is moved by combining multiple stimuli in the natural world. Then, at the point where there is a combination, it may change to an unexpected taste. I found a moment when coffee beans turn into a sweet and fragrant ingredient like koji. Just crushing it and drinking it, I became very lighter, and I was able to experience the power of chlorogenic acid (a type of polyphenol). There are many foods with high antioxidant, but they are very highly sensitive than others.

Just because it would be a healthy tea position, I started trying a blend with herbs. It is a story of 2021 summer.

I changed the ratio of herbs + chlorogenic acid in various ways, but the headquarters staff who are hunted in sensual tests continues to be unpopular.

So, when I blended with the roasted Keikei coffee, it was a surprisingly delicious coffee, although it was a combination.