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A regular flight that can be purchased at a great price in response to requests from customers who have received repeat orders.

This service is delivered once or twice a month to the post.

20 % OFF at any time!

You will be able to cancel after the third month.

We will send you every two weeks, one month, depending on the order date and time.

Mail service (posted to the post)

Skip, cancellation, delivery can be done from My Page.

・ Use 100 % of the highest quality specialty coffee.
・ As we deliver roasted, you can always enjoy fresh and tasty coffee.
・ Approximately 20%better than the regular price! Free shipping every time
・ No need to receive it to deliver to the post. Automatic payment every month with one application. Skip and cancellation are also easy


Mellow and sweet Brazil

By caffeine removal processing by the latest liquid carbon dioxide extraction method
A sweet decaf with Brazil's characteristics as it is.
Recommended for holiday caffeine days, for a coffee life that does not overdo it.

Without using any chemicals, only caffeine is removed, and the flavor is unprecedented as normal coffee, and pregnant moms who are concerned about caffeine intake, and breastfeeding moms who are concerned about taking caffeine can be drunk with confidence.

Please contact us if you need a caffeine -less certificate. You can hand it over.

Brazil Decafe
Raw material name: Coffee beans
Country of origin: Brazil
How to save: Save in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
* For 150g beans and powder, 75g will be sent in two bags.

It may take about 2 to 5 business days before shipping.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

→ For those who drink Keijyuku for the first time

¥1,123 ¥1,123

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