We pursue both sides of "delicious, but good for your health" for those who drink coffee every day.
High quality beans, hand picks,Keikei production method, I was particular about all the processes from roasting and deliveryOne and only specialty coffeeis.

By adding "water and heat" to coffee beans, the enzyme originally owned by the material works, enhancing the taste, functionality, and conservative, "antioxidant", "a rich flavorless taste". And it is a coffee with "scent that comes out of the nose".

What is a mature method?

Keikei to brings out antioxidant properties

By stimulating with "water and heat" at the stage of raw beans, a new enzyme is created in addition to the enzymes of coffee beans. Working new enzymes will enhance "taste", "preservation" and "functionality".

To improve "taste", "preservation" and "functionality"
・ Reduces the green smell of raw beans and improves sweetness.
・ Lipid reduces mouthfeel and N-6 fatty acids.
・ The oxidation of the beans themselves slows down from the decrease in lipids and prevent deterioration.
・ The scent is maintained because the oxidation is slow.
・ Increases antioxidant antioxidant to prevent the body of the drinker.
Implemented with Akita University
"DPPH radical extinguishing activity measurement", "fatty acid measurement with gas chromatography", and "sensual evaluation" have been revealed.
Both water extraction and methanol extraction have increased antioxidant after mature.

Co -development with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award winners, patent application

The Kei -making method was jointly developed with former Akita Prefectural General Food Research Center President Keitaro Takahashi and a functional analysis Professor of Akita University. The "body is good" coffee, which is considering the deliciousness and the body of the drinker, can be commercialized after about four years with the cooperation of not only our staff but also many people. Ta.

We are currently applying for a patent.

Until the unique specialty coffee "KEIJYUKU" arrives

The mature manufacturing method, which stimulates the enzymes originally owned by the material and enhances taste, functionality, and preservation, makes it a coffee with "antioxidant", "rich taste without miscellaneousness and scent that escapes from the nose". Masu.

In pursuit of high quality coffee beans

Coffee handled by Keijyuku is increasing direct trading from the site without passing through a trading company. This makes it fresh and can be transported earlier from the harvest. We use beans within 6 months from harvesting as much as possible.

In addition, specialty coffee with low immature beans is adopted because of the body consideration and the pursuit of taste. If it is more than a specialty, there are many transportation in Reefa containers with constant air conditioning, so it is possible to prevent mold poison and oxidation.

Carefully selected by hand pick

Before starting the mature manufacturing method and roasting, 100%of the contamination such as immature beans and stones, which causes the taste of coffee, is carefully removed by hand.

If immature beans are mixed or the size is uneven, the unevenness will come out during roasting and the taste will drop, so we value this time.

Enhancement of antioxidant and mature manufacturing method

In order to enhance antioxidant properties, the enzyme is stimulated by stimulation such as "water and heat" at the stage of raw beans.

In order to enhance the individuality of each production area, the stimulus content (multiple parameters) is carefully assembled to find the highest harmony point.

Roasting and hand pick

The roasting machine uses a 2.5kg pot made by Diedrich. The characteristic of this machine is that the coffee is clean and sweet with an infrared burner. In addition, all roasting is managed with low strogers to reduce the variation due to batch (every roasting).

Even after roasting, we check for immature beans by hand pick, packed, and shipped it.

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