Raw coffee [green coffee blend to enhance antioxidant]


Raw Coffee -Green Coffee Blend-


For rusting the body

I want to drink every day
Green coffee premium blend

Moderate bitterness and richness with modest acidity.
The mouthfeel is mellow and the aftertaste is clean.

A well -balanced combination of specialty coffee from Ecuador, Kenya and Indonesia, and enhanced green coffee.

It is a blended coffee that considers beauty and health by adding raw beans nutrients to roasted coffee.

■ About the temperature of hot water
If you brew it with 85 ° C hot water, it will be refreshing.
Brewing with 90 ° C hot water increases the bitter acidity.

All this product will be delivered in the "powder" state.
(Green coffee is hard like a stone and cannot be crushed with home mills.)


"To keep the youthful skin moisturizing."

A daily aging care with a Kei -mature green coffee that increased the "antioxidant power" by 1.5 times that "antioxidant power" against oxidation constitution and body aging.
You can expect a plump effect that supplements the skin and "gloss".

In winter, the drying of the lips and elbows softens.

Raw material name: Coffee beans
Country of origin: Ecuador, Kenya, Indonesia
Contents: 150g medium (powder) or drip bag 12g x 7 pieces
How to save: Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

It may take about 2 to 5 business days before shipping.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

→ For those who drink Keijyuku for the first time

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