Mature green coffee (powder) -subtle sweetness and calm bitterness


Pesticide -free GREEN COFFEE No addition

100% Pure

Green coffee by KEIJYUKU

A subtle sweetness and calm bitterness reminiscent of a flavor like burdock tea or black bean tea. The rich taste that spreads in your mouth is a mellow taste that feels like "Green coffee?" Coffee beans nutrients are plenty of polyphenols as they are.

Our technology and mature processing have increased "antioxidant power" to 1.5 times.
(According to our company)

Indonesian Rante Scalua, which is no pesticide -free cultivation, is a refreshing and clear high -quality bean purified by "washed".

・ Straight tea
Please brew and enjoy in the same way as tea.
180ml of hot water is recommended for green coffee 3G. After pouring hot water, please wait 3 minutes.

・ Plus to everyday coffee
Enjoy 2g of green coffee powder per cup of coffee (sold separately) set on dripers and coffee machines.

* It is powdered instead of beans.

Raw material name: Coffee beans
Country of origin: Indonesia
Contents: 30g
How to save: Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

It may take about 2 to 5 business days before shipping.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

→ For those who drink Keijyuku for the first time

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