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Keitaro Takahashi's laboratory conducts research on various ingredients every day.

When the red beans were mature, the sugar content went up to nearly 40 degrees, and the amount of sugar for making bean paste was reduced to 1/3 of the conventional. In addition, as a result of the component analysis, it was found that mineral ingredients remain more than normal bean paste.

The local native red beans are more different from the localized local red beans, so they have a different fragrance and the sense of tastes, so we asked five pesticide -oriented farmers in the prefecture to grow red beans. The harvest is currently underway. The bean paste using a mature red bean is named "Pure bean paste". You can enjoy it at the WANTS AND FREE cafe.

In addition, the development of new Keikei food is progressing, so we will send it in this column at any time. ! (^^)!