Introducing a hand drip recommended by Keikei Coffee

[How to brew hand drip]

The following video also introduces how to hand drip.
Please take a look

[Equipment to be used]

・ Dripper
・ Coffee server
・ Drip pot
・ Coffee scale (measure the amount and time)
・ Favorite coffee 15g
・ Hot water (90 ° C) or more 230ml

[Hand drip procedure]

① Filter rinse
Put hot water on the entire filter set on the dripper.
It has the effect of reducing paper smell when drip.

② Steaming
Cool the coffee in the filter flat and steam 30 ml of hot water over the whole and steam for 30 seconds.

③ Hand drip
First throw Pour for 30 seconds to 90ml
Second throw Pour for 30 seconds to 160ml
Third throw Pour for 30 seconds to 230ml

It's done when the hot water you poured down

By all means, please refer to the coffee brewed with hand drip.
Please enjoy