ORIGAMI 10 onlate bowl

10 oz appears in the popular Latvo Wul Series.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy plenty of latte (cappuccino) and draw dynamic latte art.
(The saucer can be used by the conventional "Latte Cowl Saucer".)

Born from the voice of the barista. So it's delicious. So it's beautiful.
The Origami cup was born in search of the ideals of such a creator, who can listen to the Varista's voice, who continues to seek the best cups, express more beautiful latte art, and to pour more delicious coffee.
We will deliver it to those who love coffee with confidence.

We are particular about the inner thickness, and the mouthfeel is comfortable.
Until now, the thickness inside the cup has not been much attention at the manufacturing site.
If it is thin and all aspects are equal, there is less uneven baking unevenness.
However, this Origami has changed its thickness according to the surface and place.
For example, the part that hits the mouth keeps a sufficient strength, not too thick, not too thin, and sticks to a comfortable touch.

Size: Diameter 100 x H67mm 285ml
Material: Porcelain

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