OceanRich automatic coffee mill cordless roughness 5 steps adjustable black G2 UQ-org2bl


Automatic cordless coffee mill from grind to saving with one unit
Great revolution of electric coffee mill! OceanRich brand "Ideal Coffee Mill" with freshly ground beans
With specialty coffee at home ...

Just put the beans and press the button. Completed fragrant coffee powder! Easy operation to put your favorite beans and turn on the switch. Grind about 2 cups of powder per time. Simple design that can be used intuitively. It is convenient to carry with a dry battery type that does not require power supply.

Ideal for the outdoors! Compact and lightweight design that can be taken to various places Because it is a plastic bottle size, office, travel, place. You can taste delicious coffee at any time you like.

A mortal blade that grinds beans like a stone mortar
Equipped with a conical cone blade while it is a small coffee mill.
As it is crushed while crushing the beans like an old -fashioned stone mortar, the granularity varies, and the fine powder that affects the taste of coffee can be reduced as much as possible.

Achieving rotation quietness at a certain speed Compared to a high -speed rotating propeller type, the rotation speed is reduced and grilled constantly, making it possible.

Both practical and maintenance Adopted ceramic material with excellent sharpness as it is used for kitchen knives. It has high wear resistance and not only lasts a long blade, but can be used cleanly without rust. The thermal conductivity is also low, protecting the scent of beans.

Pursuing your favorite coffee deeply, you can choose the roughness of the beans 5 stages Simple one -touch operation! Granularity adjustment is possible according to your favorite taste. You can pursue your own original coffee.

Equipped with a nice automatic stop function After grinding the coffee beans, turn off the power automatically. Perfect for busy mornings because you can work while preventing forgotten to erase.

The front panel that shows the charging remaining amount at a glance Charge is displayed with a 25%incremented blue indicator lamp. When you press the switch, it shines, so you can check the remaining amount each time you use it.

Convenient USB charging It can be used about 20 times with full charge. ( * When 15g beans are ground with the roughness of the middle), a mobile battery, PC, AC adapter, etc. can be used for charging.

Remove the upper lid and the glass container and change to a storage bottle Up to 4 cups can be stored up to up to 4 cups (assuming 10g per cup). The lid is firm and safe to carry.

Delicious coffee in the morning and noon Grind two cups for breakfast and have another cup for lunch. Make the coffee life richer.

 Model number: UQ-ORG2BL
Product name: Rechargeable electric coffee mill G2
JAN code 4573529180943
Power: Lithium battery 7.4V/800mAh Overcharging protection
Charging time: about 1.5 hours * Can be used about 10 times after full charge (30g once, coarsely ground)
Automatic stop: Automatically stops in about 10 seconds as soon as the hopper beans are gone
Weight: Approximately 582g
Accessories: Cleaning brush, charging USB cable, major spoon, non -slip sheet, manual
Material: Body (PP+ABS+stainless steel) Mill blade (ceramic), crow container (glass) non -slip sheet (EVA)

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