Kalita Electric Kettle KEDP-600 (Black)

An electric drip dedicated pot with a professionalista specification developed as the 60th anniversary of Karita Co., Ltd. and the first globalization.
2019 GOOD DESIGN AWARD and Reddot Winner 2020.
Boil 600ml in about 5 minutes.
The temperature can be set at 50 to 100 ° C once.

Pot that you want to show
A nozzle style kettle with a simple and beautiful appearance when drip, boiling, or not.

Professionalista specification details
It is designed to be a Carita -like detail by a fine nozzle that produces a beautiful hot water line and a Tsuruguchi spout shape that controls the amount of hot water as you want.

Leakage prevention function when falling
In the nozzle style kettle, the lid structure developed independently of Kalita has realized the first time in the world to prevent hot water leakage.

Maximum amount of water used: 600ml
Size: W257 × H193.5 × D160.5mm
Cosmetic box size: W200 x H250 x D235mm
Weight: Approximately 1,096g
Power: AC100V 1000W (rated 10A)
Setable temperature: 50 ° C to 100 ° C

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