HARIO Mini Drip Kettle Kasuya Model 300ml

The "Kasuya Model Series" produced by Tetsu Kasuya, the first entertainer (Asia) in the World BREWERS CUP2016.

We have a dripper suitable for "4: 6 methods", a mini drip kettle that is suitable for "4: 6 methods", and a discerning cupping tool based on the concept of "anyone easily and delicious".

A mini drip kettle for easy drip.
For boiling water. It cannot be used with heat sources such as direct fire and IH.

Part number: KDK-300-MB  
Color: Mat Black  
Size: Width 165 x depth 90 x high 100mm  
Capacity: Practical capacity 300ml
Material: stainless steel  
Country of origin: Made in China

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