Decafe Ethiopia Mocha Shidamo G4 -Fragrance and refreshing [medium deep roast]


Mocha Sidamo
G4 Decafe

Fragrant and refreshing Ethiopia

Ideal for relaxing time before going to bed.
While enjoying the scent of the natural "mocha"
Caffeine residue rate is 0.1%caffeine -less coffee.

Sidamo G4, which has been removed only by caffeine without using any chemicals, has no doubt that it is a normal coffee, so not only before going to bed but also for pregnant moms who care about caffeine intake, and breastfeeding moms with confidence. receive.

Please contact us if you need a caffeine -less certificate. You can hand it over.

Raw material name: Coffee beans
Raw material production area: Shidamo region Irgachapi district
Altitude: Approximately 1,900m
Country of origin: Ethiopia
How to save: Save in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
* For 150g beans and powder, 75g will be sent in two bags.

It may take about 2 to 5 business days before shipping.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.

→ For those who drink Keijyuku for the first time

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