Ritsuharu screaming and behaving

From February 9 to around 13th, the second weather in the 72nd weather

And it is also the day before Valentine.

Classy & Mannie, located in Yurihonjo City, Akita Prefecture, is serving a specialty coffee hand drip today only today. Chocolate and good match! So.


Yesterday, it was three laps of S store manager who supported our Classy store. It was a young cancer. Her nickname is Minami Masagaiken Ayaka Jinjin sister. Looking back on the life that was encouraged to color the customers gorgeously at the eaves (store), Mr. Kazuo was told about the bereaved family.

The behavior is as a memorial service for Mr. S who cherished the customer.

The Keikei business has a desire for two staff members who have lost their illness in the past.