Kei -mature product development secret story

March 20, 2015 In the local Akita Kai Shimbun, an article "50 trees were excavated 2500 years ago. The moment I saw the article, I thought that this buried tree had a special bacterium, and visited Keitaro Takahashi, who developed Shirakami Kodama Yeast, was the beginning of Keirako.

For a while, I wanted to get rid of something after 311, and as a result of a few days a day, a few days of eating or not eating or not eating, I was able to change my physical condition greatly depending on what I eat. We continued to match the record of the body and the teacher's knowledge. And gradually, when the cells eat the living food, the body is derilated. Foods whose natural scent of nature (that is, foods with broken cells) will become a style that thinks that the body is not derived.

Takahashi sentence