Comparing with RAW COFFEE storage method

How do you usually save coffee?

In fact, coffee is one of the delicate foods that deteriorates very quickly.

Coffee begins to deteriorate immediately after roasting.

If you do not keep it fresh and save it, the flavor and aroma will be impaired.

This time, I verified how fresh it is after the powder, depending on the storage method and period.

Verification period: 1 week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks

Preservation method: room temperature / refrigerated / frozen

·1 week
→ I was able to drink deliciously without flavor and fragrance.

・ 2-3 weeks
→ Oxidation progresses due to moisture. Save at room temperature is not recommended.

·1 week
→ I was able to drink deliciously without flavor, aroma, and problem.
・ 2-3 weeks
→ Oxidation progresses due to moisture, and the rich flavor peculiar to coffee is damaged.

In both weeks and two weeks, there was no change in flavor and taste, and after three weeks, there was almost no change.

<< Conclusion >>
Frozen can slow down the moisture contained in coffee and air and reduce kinetic energy, slowing the speed of chemical reactions such as oxidation and delay the deterioration.

We recommend freezing to save after opening. Please try it at home.

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