KEIJYUKU coffee development
Because I wanted to make a really good and gentle coffee

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, I felt that the pursuit of material richness was meaningless, and said, "What should I do for human essential things and humans to live refreshed and healthy? I thought seriously about "?"

Then, I started researching about food and started the food department as a company because I wanted to provide a little good food for the body.

As I worked hard to launch the food section, I had a cup of coffee that I ordered at the store. The experience questioned, "What is the difference between coffee that doesn't hurt your stomach and what is a painful coffee?" And began to pursue the difference between "poisonous coffee" and "coffee that became medicine."

What I understand as a result is that coffee is good for you.
・ Not oxidized
・ There is no mold poison
・ The day from the harvest is shallow
That was to meet the three.

It turned out that coffee beans that were more than specialty ranks and freshness were lighter.
As we proceeded with the research, we focused on the high antioxidant of fresh beans before roasting coffee beans.
Antioxidant effect is good for the skin, leading to aging care.

This antioxidant is lost due to high fever during roasting, so we pursue how much antioxidant can be enhanced in the state of fresh beans. He succeeded in spending four years and increasing antioxidant by 1.5 times.

Although we are still studying every day, we have created one and only KEIJYUKU coffee that applied the Keijyuku.