Our original manufacturing method jointly developed with the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award! The charm of "Keikei Coffee"

Keikei coffee is a unique one with a strong flavor and sweetness, and the pleasant aroma unique to coffee, but has a refreshing and light aftertaste.

The reason for the reason is that the theme of "body -friendly" is based on a joint research with Dr. Keitaro Takahashi, a former president of the Akita Prefectural General Food Research Center, and our unique manufacturing method.Coffee is originally heldI succeeded in pulling out more "effects".

At the same time, the flavor, especially the scent, was thoroughly completed, and the coffee that could be fully convinced was completed. It features a rich and clean flavor.

Since the taste has been removed by the "mature" manufacturing method, you can enjoy the flavor of the bittersweet and deep beans. The coffee created by the "mature" manufacturing method was named "Keikei Coffee".


What is the co -developed "Kei" manufacturing method with Keitaro Takahashi, a Prize in the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology?

"Keikei" discovered Shirakami Kodama yeast (natural pamphlet yeast), researched and developed for four years with Dr. Keitaro Takahashi, who was awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and at Akita University.Nutritional chemistry, food function, food environment studies, In cooperation with Professor Atsushi Ikemoto, who is studying the comprehensive food in Akita Prefecture, it has been finished as a product.

Specifically, in accordance with the characteristics of coffee, the enzyme is activated to combine the temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration according to the production area, and bring out the vitality of the original coffee. Coffee that has been modified with fresh beans is still rare in Japan.

The "mature" manufacturing method brings out the taste of raw beans from proteins and carbohydrates by stimulating the internal enzymes of fresh beans without breaking the cells of the beans as much as possible. In addition, the odor ingredient that is the source of the savory taste is further enhanced to the pleasant scent.


Not just delicious! Healthy coffee

"Keikei Coffee" is a coffee that brings out the various effects of coffee with its own technology. Did you know that coffee is generally said to have a variety of effects?

Don't you just want to taste not only "delicious" but more effective coffee?

We are producing caffeine -less coffee, which is the first of the “body -friendly food” business.


Roasted in our own workshop

Roasting is done by a craftsman named Takayasu Sasaki in its small workshop. In developing and producing coffee, we continued roasting data for half a year, repeated trial and error, and established our unique fire. Because the beans are delicately different temperature and time, it can always provide stable flavored coffee.

In addition, Koshiro Miyamoto, the director of the Company, has been active in the fashion industry, including Louis Vuitton, and has run a home -roasted coffee cafe in the city center. He was fascinated by "Keikei Coffee" and became an officer to spread it nationwide.

Each of the manufacturing process of "Keikei Coffee" has been repeated experiments at our institute, and has been created based on zero -based, searching for the best method for fresh beans. That's why we can convey both deliciousness and kindness to the body with confidence.


"This is really a caffeine -less?!"

"It's not delicious ..." "Coffee without caffeine is evil." Therefore, I made caffeine -less coffee by trial and error, focusing on deliciousness.

It is also recommended for those who like coffee and drink many cups a day, want to drink at night, or accompany night shift work.


Caffeineless Coffee Ethiopia Mocha Shidamo G4

99.9%Caffeine -less coffee removed caffeine. Mocha Shidamo is a typical Ethiopian brand. There is also a firm richness with a fruity and mellow acidity. It has been exquisite that overturns the image of caffeine -less coffee so far.